Sisters of Charity Foundation Australia

Winter School Uniforms

Needy children across 44 schools in Perth will now receive uniform packs (school tracksuit and waterproof parka) thanks to a grant that the Sisters of Charity Foundation have awarded to Manna’s Winter School Uniform Program.

This project began when it was observed that many children attending the Breakfast Programs at various Primary Schools were not appropriately dressed in winter, coming in to school wet or cold. School attendance was affected because of sickness or embarrassment.

These often developmentally vulnerable children from poor and unstable homes would otherwise go to school in wet, dirty or inappropriate uniforms. Now they will go to school warm and dry.

Having a clean, warm school uniform improves a child’s self-esteem, their school attendance record, behaviour and class participation. It also reduces the rate of illness in the winter months and ensures they feel a part of the school community.