Sisters of Charity Foundation Australia

Commitment by Successful Recipients

The Board of the Sisters of Charity Foundation Limited requires that organisations and individuals accepting a grant undertake the following commitments:

  1. Participate in any promotion of the Sisters of Charity Foundation’s contribution to the program whenever and wherever appropriate. This includes possibly being involved in media activity and marketing material coordinated by the Sisters of Charity Foundation, including being profiled on social media, participating in a short video, submitting good quality photographs, being interviewed and being included in newsletters or media coverage.

  2. Provide a progress report. This report will detail the progress of the project as well as an indication of the project fund expenditure to date. The receipt of the progress report serves as the trigger for the payment of further installments.

  3. Forward a full report and financial statement to the Foundation within three months of the conclusion of the program, unless otherwise agreed.

  4. Be prepared for a financial statement to be made available at any time during the program if so requested by the Foundation.